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I suffered from migrane headaches for years. After only three visits to your office they disappeared. The only side effect? My back pain disappeared too.
Laura P
After 20+ years with vertigo (at times severe) and pursuing Western medical avenues, I decided to try acupuncture at the Palm Springs Acupuncture Center. My objective was to reduce or eliminate my vertigo episodes. Weekly treatments and Chinese herbs made a significant improvement on the episodes. Most of the vertigo disappeared and when I had episodes, they were less frequent and for a shorter duration. When I had a vertigo episode, the acupuncture treatment almost always calmed it down. Reducing my vertigo has made a dramatic impact on the quality of my life. Words cannot express my gratitude to Michael for relieving my vertigo. He is knowledgeable and professional, his staff is friendly and accommodating and I highly recommend him.
Pleasant Hill, CA
Dr. Buzz is an extraordinary doctor and human being. He is not only a fantastic doctor, but he makes you feel like you are the ONLY patient in the world when he is working on you. He gives you 101% of his attention, listens to your problems, and gives you instant hope that you will feel better. Having said all of that, his best trait is his charismatic and sunny personality. The man just plain makes you feel good with his smile and positive energy. Dr. Buzz is the best!
Ray M. Smythe
History Teacher, Rancho Mirage, CA
It's been a little over two years since my first visit to your office. After having been unsuccessfully treated with a very toxic medication for Graves Disease (hyperthyroid), as a final procedure my doctor wanted to remove my thyroid then put me on medication for the rest of my life. For me this plan had very little appeal. Within days of my first acupuncture treatment and herbal prescription my thyroid began to correct itself and has been perfectly normal for over two years. I am living proof of the effectiveness of "alternative medicine". Not only was my health restored, but I was fortunate enough to meet a good person along the way.
Sam D.
I have been Dr. Edelburg’s patient for 7 years. While Buzz is a very skilled, highly trained Chiropractor, he is so much more. He is trained in many other healing arts which are seamlessly integrated into his practice, as well as having deep intuitive faculties and tremendous warmth and kindness. It is not unusual to be in Buzz’ office and hear laughter pealing through the hallways. Recently I suffered a very painful post operative complication; I saw many doctors and had many tests. Dr. Buzz diagnosed it correctly from the start. I am a medical professional and am very selective about where I refer my patients. I refer them often to Buzz with great confidence that they will be well taken care of.
Beth P.A
Palm Springs, CA
Michael, It's been about year since my first visit to your office. The positive benefits from acupuncture have been profound in some ways and subtle in others. I originally came in seeking help managing high blood pressure. Acupuncture combined with weight management, exercise and medication prescribed by my MD. are definitely helping lower my bp. As an additional benefit, I experienced outstanding results when you treated my dreaded hemorrhoids. They were a chronic pain in the butt for the past 20 years. I am delighted to report that they are no longer an issue for me. After a series of acupuncture treatments my discomfort has been eradicated! I want to say thanks for all your help.
Pleasant Hill, CA
I love this place!!!
Todd Z
San Francisco, CA
After numerous injections for degenerative arthritis in my neck , Dr. Edelburg patiently worked on my neck for a period of months until it was 100%. My neck is now pain free and just needs a "touch up every month or so to get the "crunchies" out. He is more than a doctor of chiropractic, but a true healer
Annette M.
Palm Springs, CA
Dr's Edelberg and Boyer offer great treatments and a wonderful experience. A friendly and caring connection from the moment you talk to Ed on the phone for your appointment to the time you leave after your treatment, it is great. We are lucky to have them.
Brian V.
Cathedral City, CA
I used to suffer from severe chronic lower back pain, I tried drugs, physical therapy, chiropractors, bed rest, I even tried sleeping on magnets. Nothing helped. I had 15 sessions with Michael Boyer and I am playing tennis again. If I ever have a flare up or a new injury, you know where I am going.
Bill B.
I had been suffering from pain in my right achilles tendon and was having trouble walking for one year. I contacted an Orthopedic office and they sent me to a Podiatrist. He recommended some streches and took a sonagram of my achilles. He said there were some signs of small tears in the achilles. He asked me to return in one month to see if there was any change. There was not any change and recommended a removable cast for 3 consecutive months. After 3 months of being in this walking cast the only change was my calf had atrophied and the pain was still there. I called my Acupuncturist in San Diego, CA and their office recommended Michael Boyer. After the first treatment I had 75% improvement. I had around 24 treatments and the result was: no pain with little swelling. It has been almost one year and I am pain free with no swelling. I exercise regularly and never have pain.
Bobby V
Palm Springs, CA
After only 4 visits...I am so very grateful to have found Dr. Boyer. If you are looking for a cure to your ailment, and the "doctors" have failed you...please try this.
Palm Springs, Ca
Michael, I am writing exactly one holiday card this year...and it's to you! I wanted to take a little time and let you know how thankful I am for the relief that your treatments have given me. I truly was beginning to think that my neck pain would be something I was going to have to "live with" for the rest of my life. Now, here I am, after just a few treatments going weeks without even thinking about my neck!!! This truly was an impossibility before I wandered into your office and I am forever grateful. And now...for the icing on the cake...I just started my (third in a row) perfect 28 day cycle - unbelievable! I hope that you will take this as a holiday reminder of all of the people you have helped over the years whom I am sure are as grateful as I am.
Pleasanton, CA
Dr. Edelburg is the best Chiropractor I have ever been to, and I have been to numerous Chiropractors for the past 42 years. His adjusting skill is phenomenal and he is the nicest, most positive person you could ever hope to meet. His staff is friendly and helpful and the new healing center is beautiful. Thanks Dr. Edelburg for helping me to get my life back.
Dick W.
Palm Springs, CA
I have always been interested in acupuncture, but until I met Michael Boyer, I had never tried it. Over the past year and a half, I have come to him with a severely sprained ankle, a problem with my knee, a sharp shooting pain in my wrist, and a really sore shoulder... and he has successfully treated all of them. People ask me if acupuncture really works, and I say "It sure has for me... go see Mike." I love going - and not just for the healing benefits. I feel so good at the end of the session, so relaxed and yet energized, sometimes I just go in for a "tune-up" :)
San Francisco, CA
I woke up one day with one side of my face paralyzed. I thought I was having a stroke. My doctor diagnosed Bell's Palsy. He said it could take months to heal and that my face may never completely recover. A friend referred me to Michael Boyer. In one week my face was almost completely normal, in two weeks it was like nothing ever happened. Since then he has helped me with my allergies and many other ailments. Thank you Michael Boyer!
Ann L.
Executive Assistant
Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Massage, I even got a facial. I feel fantastic and it is all under one roof in the most beautiful setting, with the most skilled and wonderful people. I can't wait to start taking Yoga classes. My pain is gone, I am full of energy, and I am sleeping like a baby. I feel so great. My life has been transformed.
Sally W.
Rancho Mirage, CA
The best sleep I've ever had!
Silla P.
Oakland, CA
From the time I reached puberty to the time I started taking herbs, I had an extremely irregular menstrual cycle with very bad cramps that often resulted in vomiting and being unable to get out of bed. I spent years going to doctors and trying different remedies: painkillers, muscle relaxants and even hormones, but nothing ever worked. Within 3 months of taking herbs and starting acupuncture treatments, my menstrual cycle was exactly 28 days, I had almost no pain or other symptoms whatsoever, and I haven't vomited since. Michael's herbs truly changed my life.
Karen B.
Stop reading and call to get an appointment now! A massage from Elemir Jakocs will heal your body and mind. He's a faculty member of the American Institute of Massage Theapy - and has a BS and MS in Natural Health and a Doc of Naturopathy. I've had plenty of body work and he's by MILES the best I've ever had. book a 90 and come out like you're living in a new body.
Chrisine L.
King, WA
I first saw Dr. Boyer when my chronic back pain got so bad I could not get comfortable in any position. I didn't really know what he meant when he diagnosed "Kidney Chi deficiency", but my back got better so I didn't care. Now it only hurts once in a while, so I just go in for one or two treatments and the pain is gone. The really amazing thing is after about 5 visits, my Asthma disappeared, and I never even told him about it. Amazing!
Dick C.
Dr. Robert Edelburg is a gifted chiropractor who draws on a wealth of knowledge and spiritual wisdom. When I met him
I had dealt with painful health problems for so long I'd lost all hope of ever feeling good again. After just a few treatments I felt much, much better. Not only that, I had a whole new perspective on what was possible, health!

I recommend him whole heartedly.

His new location, The Palm Springs Healing Center, is filled with healing energy and resources to nurture your body mind and spirit.
Mandy Evans
Author, Speaker, Coach
My work as a carpenter has produced many aches and pains through the years. Dr. Edelburg always handles these physical problems and his spiritual insights always give me a great lift.
Barry Spencer
Palm Springs, CA
I found PSHC on the internet when looking for a chiropractor. I'm new to town and just starting my search for holistic practitioners. If you are like me and only go to traditional doctors for broken bones, this is the place to be.

The chiropractor, Dr. Edelburg, (or as everyone calls him "Buzz") is a fabulous chiropractor and a joyful soul...always smiling and funny. The wonderful Dr. Boyer, licensed acupuncturist and oriental medicine doctor, healed my recurring UTI, along with Claire Kruppe, MD, who offered alternative care such as herbal supplements and vitamins. Dr. Boyer and Dr. Kruppe are just a dear and kind as anyone you will ever meet...and what a joy to have all of these people under one roof.

When you call you will get Art, who is the center of the Center. He will set you up with whomever you need.

There are fabulous massage therapists too! and a wonderful Somatic Therapist who is as kind and as impressive as everyone else.

Everything you will ever need is here. These folks are a dream come true when it comes to alternative/complementary healing and they are the dearest, kindest and sincerest folks I have met in a very long time.

Go....you will be very pleased and grateful to have found them.
Lesa C.
Palm Springs, Ca
Health and healing the body is all an "inside" job. Finding Buzz and his practice and the Healing Center enables me to live my life to its greatest and highest purpose.

I can say that I am grateful and joyous in my love for the center.
Paul Hietter
Executive Chef & President, Love At First Bite Catering & Event Planning
I'd like to thank Dr. Edelburg and all the staff at Palm Springs Healing Center for running a first-class, professional operation. As a working executive, it's great to find so many services under one roof. I appreciate the convenience and the high level of quality. Thanks for providing such a needed service to our community!
Steven B.
Palm Desert
From the moment you walk into the Center, the healing begins.....the energy, the environment, the expertise, the true balance of body, mind and spirit.

Whether it's the maintenance of good health or the return to wellness, the Palm Springs Healing Center provides all the tools necessary for your healing and well being.
Dr. Chuck Leviton and Patti Leviton
Synergy Seminars
Dr. Boyer, thank you for getting me an appointment on such short notice for my accupuncture treatment. After 3 days my I T band and hip were completely without pain. Even after 4 days of steady driving to get back to Canada, my hip and leg are back to normal.
Gail S.
BC, Canada
If you are looking for pain relief, look no further, Michael Boyer can give you that all important gift, I say gift because I am in a very physical job, construction and I could not continue ,at 56, to do what I do without the help of this man. Remember it works weather you believe it will or not.
Joe P
Palm Springs, Ca
The experience I have had at the center has made a major difference in my everyday life. I'm so grateful to Michael Boyer for his ability and knowledge. The treatments he has given me have made my life so much better. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Many blessings to you and much success in your new venture.
Judith B.
Palm Springs, CA
Michael Boyer is one of the most gifted acupuncturists I have ever met. I make sure to give Michael a call everytime I am in town for a vacation. Michael is caring gentle and a true healer.
Jacques B.
Lafayette, CA
I have been in to see Dr. Edelburg during two visits to Palm Springs, the last time in April of this year. Each time I felt much better after his treatment for lower back pain. I have been to see two different chiropractors in Seattle since April, neither of which has been able to provide the same level of relief that I had experienced with Dr. Edelburg. It seems like they use a different technique, but I am not able to describe what I experienced well enough for them. My questions are, how can I describe the technique that was used? And, are there Dr.s in Seattle that could be recommended that practice the same technique? Thanks in advance. Bruce
Bruce B
Seattle, WA
Dr. Boyer, Thank you so much for all your help with making me healthy again and bringing our baby into the world. Without your help I may have never been able to get pregnant.
Rancho Mirage, CA
To all of you at the Healing Center,
I really am grateful for all the help you have given me in getting well and healthy again. I don't know what I would have done without all your help - and always smiling and friendly.
Much Love,
Marge and Tom
Marge and Tom
Seattle, WA