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Local Resources

Desert Holistic Network
Heart Centered Service Providers who believe in Healing our desert community and the world.

Palm Springs Wellness - A local resource for health and fitness related activities.

Craigslist Ad - This links to our craigslist Small Biz Ad


Acupuncture Sites

Novato Acupuncture
Charles Peri, L.Ac. Chinese Medicine in Marin County.

National Acupuncture Board
National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

CSOMA professional association
California State Oriental Medical Association

State of California Acupuncture Board

Conditions treated with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture Resource for the Twin Cities - Steven Sonmore, L.Ac

Acupuncture America - Acupuncture Directory

Acupuncture New York - Shellie Goldstein M.S., is an acupuncturist in New York City, The Hamptons and Jacksonville Beach, Florida.


Massage Therapy Related Web Links

Alki View Massage 
Massage Therapy in Seattle Washington

Massage Online Directory 
Massage Search Online Directory Search for massage therapists in your area.

Find Massage Online -- Find Massage Therapists in your area - Find local massage therapists

Vitality Massage - Massage Therapy in Ashville, NC 

Wellbeing Spot - A guide to wellbeing and ways to achieving it

How to Massage - Learn to massage like a professional

Massage DVD's Acclaimed massage therapy DVD collection. Learn body massage, Indian head massage and facial massage. - Discover the physical and mental benefits of massages.



Other Webstes That We Like

Mesothelioma Center

LGBT Healthcare  A Free Health Professional Directory for the LGBT Community – Doctors, Dentists, Health Practitioners of all specialities. No Cost or Obligation 

Body Mind Spirit Directory - Directory for many healing modalities

Wellbeing Spot - A guide to wellbeing and ways to achieving it

How to lose weight fast - Top tips and ideas for fast and safe weight loss that lasts.

Drug Watch - Keeping an eye on pharmaceuticals.  Side effects and dangers of certain western medications.

All Things Healing - An online community dedicated to healing mind, body, spirit and planet.

Med Schools - Worldwide medical schools and colleges directory.

Yoga Asanas - The comprehensive list of Yoga Asanas, their meaning and way to use them for regular meditation and yoga practices.


Doctors Around the Globe (We do not necessarily endorse the businesses in this category, these are for informational purposes only)

Dallas Massage Therapist and the Southwest Spine Center located in Carrollton Texas specializes in Chiropractic Care, Spinal Decompression, Acupncture, Laser Therapy, Massage Therapy and more.

New York Expert Lasik Surgeon Dr. Joseph Dello Russo has performed more than 70,000 surgeries. He practices in New York and New Jersey.

Lasik Long Island - Eye surgeons Jeffrey and Joseph Dello Russo

Lasik FAQ - Send a question to  and our expert lasik surgeon will provide you with professional advice. - A resource for a top laser eye surgeon in New York.

Dello Russo Lasik Info - Explains the truth behind laser eye surgery and rules out the myths.

Joseph Dello Russo - Top New York Laser Eye Surgeon

Dello Russo Lasik - New York Laser Eye Surgery

Testamonials about Dr. Dello Russo - New your Laser Eye Surgeon

Florida Plastic Surgery Institute - Florida Plastic surgeon Dr. Chris Prevel

Dr. Ariel Ostad - NYC Cosmetic Dermatologist is board certified and specializes in treating skin problems with Fraxel lasers.

Concierge Medical -EliteHealth specializes in Concierge Medicine, has Concierge Medical Practices across the USA and the world.  They also offer advanced diagnostic testing and wellness programs.

Minneapolis physical therapy - Twin Cities pain clinic provides Physical Therapy and back pain treatment in Edina, Minneapolis.

Chiropractic Culver City -  Dr. Ghislaine Rodriguez is a Chiropractor in Culver City California who provides chiropractic treatment, diagnosis and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries.

Spinal Stenosis Surgery - Minimally invasive spinal surgery.  Surgeons at MISI in Texas are specialists in spinal stenosis surgery.

Chiropractor West Palm Beach - Dr. Jack J. Cacic provides Palm Beach County Florida with exceptional chiropractic care, physical therapy techniques and wellness. 

Five Star Colonic - Based in New Jersey, Five Star Colonic, a spa and wellness center specializes in providing colonic and other treatments to promote overall health and wellness.

Boothe Eye Care - Boothe Laser Center specializes in IntraLasic pricedure to correct vision problems.  Dr. Boothe has performed over 100,000 Lasik eye procedures and is one of the most experienced laser surgeons in Plano Texas.

Dr. Boothe - Dr. Boothe provides reviews written by actual Lasid patients.  Dr. Boothe from Plano Texas is one ot the worlds most experienced Lasik surgeons.

Boothe Eyecare - Dr Boothe Reviews offers written testimonials by patients who have undergone Lasik or IntraLasik procedure. Dr. Boothe is located in Plano, Texas.

Boothe Laser Center - Dr. William Boothe has been specializing in laser eye correction for over two decades and has helped people all over Dallas, Plano Texas see without contacts or glasses.

Dr. William Boothe - Dr. Boothe specializes in lasik surgery in Texas for twenty years. With over 100,000 lasik procedures performed. Dr. Boothe is one of the most experienced lasik surgeons in the world.

Boothe Laser Center - Boothe Laser Center is the premier eye correction facility in Plano, Texas.  Dr. Boothe has over 20 years experience and over 100,000 Lasik and Inralasik surgeries.

Dr. Boothe - Dr. Boothe of the Boothe Laser Center has helped people around Plano, Texas see without glasses or contact lenses.  Dr. Boothe offers Lasik and Intralasik procedures and has the latest technology.

Chicago Chiropractic and Sports Injury Centers - The Chicago Sports Injury Centers offer stellar chiropractic, acupuncture, spinal decompression, physical therapy and personal injury.