Massage Therapy

Massage and Bodywork at the Palm Springs Healing Center

The Palm Springs Healing Center offers therapeutic massage and bodywork seven days a week.

We have a staff of phenomenal Bodywork therapists to treat you every day.
Please call the office to make an appointment.  

Summer Therapeutic Massage Special

Get a therapeutic massage at the Palm Springs Healing Center.  We are better than a spa . We offer longer sessions for substantially less cost, and fantastic therapists, in a peaceful, beautiful environment.  

From now until September 30th buy a package of 4 massages and we will give you $40 off our regular price. 

Our Massage Staff

Kyle Taylor, CMT

Kyle Taylor, CMT

Theraputic Massage
Cranial Sacral Therapy
Deep Tissue
Sports Massage
Pre Natal Massage
Healing Touch
Balinese Massage

Daryl R. Lewis

Daryl R. Lewis

Deep Tissue Specialist
Sports Massage
Swedish Massage 
Therapeutic Massage


  • Swedish Massage
    Relax, unwind with a Swedish massage that detoxifies and helps release muscular tension.
    60 Min $100, 90 Min $140
  • Integrative Massage 
    Combination massage may include Swedish massage, acupressure, reflexology, deep tissue and myofacial release.
    60 Min $100, 90 Min $140
  • Deep Tissue
    Strong pressure applied in concentrated areas holding greater muscular tension.
    60 Min $120, 90 Min $160 
  • Sports Massage Therapy
    Fitness and sports enthusiasts. Increase flexibility. Treatment may include compression, kneading and stripping techniques with some isolated stretching.
    60 Min $100, 90 Min $140  
  • Zoku Shin Do Reflexology
  • A technique applying pressure to points on and around the feet which correspond to organs and systems known to promote health and help relieve tension. (Can be combined with other therapies)
    30 Min $55
  • Shiatsu Massage
    Japanese Style Acupressure Massage by Elemir
    60 Min $120, 90 Min $160  Choose Table or Floor/Mat
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy
    Balances Cerebro-spinal fluid but gentle pressure on the scull, neck and sacrum.  Tis technique is a  hands on method of releasing disruptive energies from the patients body.
    60 Min $125, 90 Min $140
  • Reiki - 60 Min $100
  • Hot Stone Massage -60 Min $115
  • Structural Myofascial Release - 60 Min $120, 90 Min $160
  • Lymphatic Massage - 60 min $100, 90 Min $140